Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Three Things Tues. Dec. 6th

1.  The absolute power of prayer +  the power of a God that knows no time - no past, present, or future - but is timeless + the power of the Internet to be utilized for such things as prayer and spiritual food - praise God, indeed!  +  From Denis & Cathy Nolan, to Slice of Lyme & The Frey Life - the examples are BOUNDLESS!!!  Praise God, indeed + + + + + + 

2.  Big Mama taking her perch on top of the computer so that I can type this out with the keyboard flat on the desk ;)  thank you, dear!  nice getaway you have - up higher, that kitty-cats purrfer!

3.  And Delilah - how can I not name the soft and quite warm 'melted cat', that sits so often on my lap? ... and is learning to gently tap (well .. sometimes!) instead of grabbing me with a paw with nails out (no! no!)

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