Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Three things Weds Nov 30th

1.  I am typing this early because I don't want to forget to thank God for an ADDITIONAL! can of cat food on a newly revised sale :)

2.  Plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers to eat - yum!

3.  Lots of spiritual videos to watch (and to read, too)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Three Things Tues Nov 29th

Right about now, I'm so mad, I could spit ... so hopefully this will remind me that I have at least three things to be grateful for!

1.  The 'treatment' of two loving cats on my wounded soul (especially Delilah the melted lap cat)... and having just enough food for now, for them, too!

2.  Being someplace dry, with heat, with locks, with safety.

3.  God's people that act like it - 'nuff said!

A P.S. to this is that - after I posted this - a dear friend knocked on my door with two overstuffed plates of Thanksgiving food, and that put another blessing, another piece of gratitude, on this day that especially needed one!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Three things Monday November 28th

1.  All that good Thanksgiving food I had to eat!  Its all gone now, but the good memories remain :)

2.  Books to read (especially spiritual); videos to watch.

3.  Being in my own apt. while it is so gusty and chilly outside!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Three Things Sunday November 27th

1.  2 cats that love me, one melted on my lap as I type!

2.  Friends, especially but certainly not limited to! those that are long-distance that I stay in touch w/ via telephone & social media.  AND especially! for the friend that provides the phone in the first place !

3.   The God-given talent to write, and multiple pens to do so w/.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Three things Saturday November 26th

1.  Plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers!

2.  My Facebook memory recalled a year we had a heavy, wet snow on this day ... I'm glad that's not this year ;-

3.  People to write ty cards for #friendsthatlove

Friday, November 25, 2016

Three things November 25, 2016

1.  Time spent with friends in a project, having fun while doing so, is the literal more fun than a barrel of monkeys ;)  Mebbe it was such an enjoyable day too because I didn't try to put myself into doing what I knew wasn't my strength, but turned those things over to those alongside me, who held such talents ...

2.  People who give gifts for cats!

3.  Cats who hang on you when you return!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Three Things Thanksgiving

1.  The easy-going, at-home, holiday that I wanted - WITH! a surprise THREE PLATES OF THANKSGIVING FEAST! from a friend!!!  From the sample I've had, I can truly say I like Ruthie's cooking style! ... and ... God bless her and her loved ones +

2.  Little bit of dizzy earlier but the legs are doing ok and if they're not, I have another blessed friend to thank for helping me put my best foot forward +

3.  My tummy says HELP! I'M SQUISHED! YOU NEVER EAT THIS MUCH IN ONE LITTLE DAY ANYMORE ;)  Thank you, God, and bless all my benefactors who made all this food today possible + + +

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Three Things Eve of Thanksgiving

1.  Spoiler Alert ;)  I have everything in-house for a quiet, comfy Thanksgiving @ home, including for BIG Mama and Delilah (Fancy Feast!)... and God extra-bless those who have helped to put this all together$!

2.  Being able to read the notes on this page - and God be with those, who are blind + all they struggle with, not knowing day from night, medical procedures that can be worse than what you've already got!, and especially their caregivers + + + 

3.  Feeling chic in a Tastees Sub shop t and purple 'home' pants ;)  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Three things Tues Nov 22d

1.  That there was sun today - a chilly, winter sun, but nevertheless ! - and that I was able to see it and to experience it a bit, too (always trying to remember what my dear friend Morning Song taught me ... 15 minutes a day ...)

2.  Beautiful Thanksgiving cards in the mail!

3.  The bulk of food I'm piling-up, for my own special, quiet, just me and the cats, holiday (only two more days! )

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Three Things Sunday November 20th

1.  The ability to sit and bingewatch videos (even if some of the tv shows are ones I've already watched) w/ Delilah on my lap (the sensational melted cat syndrome, you know :) ) and Big Mama nearby.

2.  Voluminous cat food, thanks to benefactors!

3.  Text messages popping up with everything from coconut cake, to prayer requests!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Three Things saturday November 19th

1.  Teaching the young man stranded at the register @ Dollar General what washi tape is ... and then being able to make my dear friend Hil laugh, in the midst of her circumstances, when I repeated it ;)

2.  Finding someone exactly dead on point with me vis-a-vis voting and Donald Trump (A Catholic in Brooklyn) AND reading it with a Delilah sleeping on my lap, too!

3.  Food in the house.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Three things Friday November 18th

1.  I got not one but TWO! jars of peanut butter at the local food pantry today :)

2.  My friend Mary came down and Delilah -the original scaredy-cat - not only has 'warmed-up' to Mary so much - she knew she needed cat snuggles ... jumped up on her lap, curled up, and slept in all sorts of interesting, 'only a cat could sleep like THAT!', poses, for quite a long time :)

3.  Being able to assist a couple of neighbors @ 4:11 this morning (and isn't THAT a story! ...)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 things Thurs, November 17th

1.  That I have a good friend like Kevin that I can cry my little heart out to about a changing life situation and be completely upfront ... with Delilah lap-hugging me 

2.  That I'm free of being upset about not hearing any invitations to join someone & their family for that holiday next week ... already in my kitchen I have a box of Stovetop Stuffing (on sale at Wal-Mart), a can of corn, frozen rolls, and a box of elbows (the last three, all thanks to the Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry, God bless them!)-- for which I plan on getting tuna and making a generous sized noodle salad because thats what I like to eat, too!, in addition to turkey lunchmeat for sandwiches.  May wipe my eyes at past holidays but then again I most likely won't be walking into any heavy-duty family situations that can be 'delicate', and I can keep up my classic pattern of eating all the stuffing :)  This is on my list because it all just started falling together earlier today.

3.  Sobriety; (mental) sanity; GOD.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Three Things

I've been experiencing problems with Blogger - i.e. videos no longer post (or go missing!), as well as other content I try to export ... so ... that puts me back to posting original content!  I was reading a devotional that said to name three specific things from your day's events for which u r grateful!  Since Delilah and Big Mama are so usual for me to always list, let me find three other things from today, Weds, November 16th :

1.  When I did get really, REALLY sick today - I was home.  It didn't happen while I was out and about - thank GOD!

2.  As much as I'm disappointed I can't share content, I am grateful that I do have the computer and the electric! to watch content ... while so many things I can't see because of my ongoing problems with trying to figure out Adobe flash plug in updates (my eyeballs are already almost bleeding, talking about it ... ), there is still a lot!!! I can watch on YouTube :)  

3.  Because of an offer on one of those videos, I may just be able to get 20 custom-made cards - free!  IF that works out, I'll be very, very grateful :) because I want them to have my current picture and especially be able to send them to people I love who don't have computer access.