Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ode to the near-perfect vacuum ....

My sweet little Delilah sometimes likes to sleep on the kitchen counter, with her head protectively hovering over the dish of dry kibble I leave out all the time in case of a 'cat snack attack' ... well, when I woke up this afternoon, I discovered that apparently her head had gone all the way in (must have been a good dream!) and - pop! overended the dish and now I had kibble-carpet : ok, almost anything would be an improvement on this rug, but ;)

... not a problem, I figured:  I'd vacuum it up ... now, me and vacuuming are not usually friends, because of my back problems ... over the years, I've 'test-driven' many a so-called 'lightweight' vacuum, and even the high-end Oreck was too much for me to push and pull!  This vacuum I purchased from Wal-Mart when I moved here; I didn't need to plug it in, just push it back and forth - you should have seen the looks I got in the store when I did that ;)~~  I believe it was called a stick vacuum; it cost around twenty-two bucks; and - for almost the past five years, it has repeatedly shown me that even a nasty indoor-outdoor rug can actually look halfway decent after it has a pass at it!; that it can suck-up the kitchen lino, too; and even did a fine job, when borrowed for a temporarily vacuumless friend w/ a 70s shag ....

.... said sort-of-turquoise-y odd colored vacuum generally lives in the closet, when it's not being "Fred" that would scare the daylights out of CoCo, previously, and Delilah, currently ... however... the last time I went to put it away - sigh.  Look:  there was a bunch of Jean-clutter by the closet, and I was having kind of a wobbly day; ergo, I sort of did a short toss over everything, it landed leaning against the closet door, and - ok! that works! .....

.... so, now we have the kibble avalanche ... and ... I reached over everything and grabbed "Fred" - only to find out my previous toss had broken it ;-  I was half-surprised - because you have to smack the dust catcher bin back on and that's never hurt it - half-not, because of the whole "disposable trendwear" line of how things are stitched together (or not!) currently .... 

... well,  I thanked the vacuum for its cleaning service, and walked it to the dumpster ... and came back in to try to sweep up the cat food - which worked surprisingly well!  --- 

-- but -- yeahhhh.  Will I be able to find (ok - afford?!!!)  another Fred?!! --

-- ahhh, Fred:  even if I didn't tell you I loved you, as you sucked in all the stuff that landed on this skin-ripping-textured rug - you were very much appreciated!  Sorry your ending was so --

-- ruff.

Friday, September 16, 2016

"You always hear about it" ------

You always hear about it—
a waitress serves a man two eggs
over easy and she says to the cashier,
That is the man I’m going to marry,
and she does. Or a man spies a woman
at a baseball game; she is blond
and wearing a blue headband,
and, being a man, he doesn’t say this
or even think it, but his heart is a homing bird
winging to her perch, and next thing you know
they’re building birdhouses in the garage.
How do they know, these auspicious lovers?
They are like passengers on a yellow
bus painted with the dreams
of innumerable lifetimes, a packet
of sepia postcards in their pocket.
And who’s to say they haven’t traveled
backward for centuries through borderless
lands, only to arrive at this roadside attraction
where Chance meets Necessity and says,
What time do you get off?

"Love at First Sight" by Jennifer Maier from Dark Alphabet

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Looking out the clear window, on the 3.10 train to Yuma

 Note: The following commentary includes details from the movie 3:10 to Yuma. Do not read on if you prefer not to read about the film before viewing it. The first image in the film 3:10 to Yuma shows a teenage boy in bed, reading a dime novel called The Deadly Outlaw. As this remake of …