Friday, December 9, 2016

Three Things Friday December 9th

1.  Today is the birthday of a former work friend that I remember being so supportive and a really nice guy, so that brings a happy memory and a prayer that all is well with him + grateful he was in my life! especially at a job that I truly grew to despise!!!

2.  I've been going through an IBS 'attack' - its slowed down some, but is still going on, somewhat ... why am I putting that on my Three Things list?!  .... well, as I've mentioned, I've been doing little bits of cleaning here and there - and last evening I found a box with more bathroom spray - just when mine was almost out, too ;)  Three (or four?) different varieties, no less!  Even found some Jean Nate splash (ironically, because its also the birthday of an old friend who used to call me that as a nickname ;) ) and now my bowl smells really nice ;)~~~

3.  So ... I'm going through this IBS attack ... and ... my walking has been pretty darnedy good! with only a couple of near-whoopsies!  

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