Monday, December 5, 2016

Three Things Monday December 5th

I am a sad woman today ... I almost positive this has been behind (pun intended!) my IBS attack over the past several days.  I was just journaling it out, to get it out.  And now the daily alarm has been set (the one where I pray for my country and my minister) and - now, along with that - I have self-'promised' to write three things.  This is a tough, tough day for it, but I'm sure its going to help! so, here goes .....

1.  That I WASN'T that woman who fell in Food Lion around 5.30 this afternoon, when my shoe hit what turned out to be gum someone had rudely spit on the floor - my foot did go flying, but my two hands on the carriage and amazingly, my other leg, supported me, until I get my shoe off and figure it all out.  So yes I am grateful I'm not at RMH, I wasn't rushed by ambulance, my friend Rosemary got to say hello to me and didn't see me in a heap, and that I am home to type this out, with Delilah on my lap!!!

2.  That I KNOW - I absolutely know without the shadow of a doubt - that my God is beside me in each and every one of my challenges - I am never, ever alone - and often the receiver of miracles + 

3. The practical things - coffee, non-dairy creamer, saltines for my stomach.

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