Saturday, December 24, 2016

Three Things Christmas Eve 2016

There are those in this small community tonight who lost their apartments to a raging fire - I am saddened for them; grateful for the others in this and nearby communities who will reach out to help them in whatever ways that they can (meals, clothes, a place to sleep, the necessities of life - there's a donation bin already @ Family $  ...) ... grateful that I have the proverbial roof over my head, for myself, Delilah, and Big Mama!!!  Grateful for everyone that has so much blessed us this Christmas, beyond anything!!!  ... Can I possibly think of three more things?! --

1.  That - when someone thinks of my cats - the first thought that comes to their mind is "entirely edible" ;)

2.  The winning shows I can access on Amazon Prime (tho there should be far more available, Amazon!) until mid-Jan.

3.  Sitting and marinating with one (sometimes two!) cats while I do the above!

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