Friday, November 21, 2014

Open Letter to EAUS

Dear Elkton Area United Services,

... and how dear you are!  Really!  For such a small town, you provide a wealth of decent food to those of us who are struggling ... even to single people, which to be honest I've seen in no other area I've resided!

But we must do something about the pickup system.

We stand out there in the cold, or the heat, for a half hour, more ... and then the line is even slower once we get inside.  And there is no place to sit down ... even tho quite alot of us collecting food are seriously disabled;  I've seen oxygen tanks, walkers, canes, and heard about others with back problems and fibromyalgia like myself ...

Today, unfortunately, is typical for me:  as grateful to God as I am for all that I rec'vd ... I am in agony.  My legs spasmed and jumped when I lay down in the bed; my heels are giving me sharp stabs - I've even yelled at my beloved cat for jumping on the back of  my chair, for the shockwaves it sends through my body in its sensitized fibromyalgia state.

Please, can we do SOMETHING?!! about this system?!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Very accurate post on men, and what they incite in women

Souls of Black Women: Snapped: Why did Shannon Crawley have to kill Deni...: This murder happened in 2007 and it involved Shannon Crawley, Denita Monique Smith (r.) and Jermeir Stroud.  Jermeir had met the deceased v...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Someone Like You: A Guide To Ordering Coffee in Italy ☕

Someone Like You: A Guide To Ordering Coffee in Italy ☕

Far away from home, Joe Mixon?!!!

By chance I happened upon the Oklahoma State 'Sooner' football player who will avoid jail time because of something that happened, his coach is dancing, shucking, and jiving, saying he was far away from home the first time ever and that's why it happened --


Here's the deal:  you're in a bar ... and sure you're drinking ... and this girl, she's drinking,too.  And sure ok mebbe she got a little mouthy, you got mouthy back - enough for her to slap your face.  However, Mr. Mixon, apparently no one ever taught you, so I'm using my blog to teach you now:  No matter what some fool woman does to you, you do not punch her in the face like a man, breaking four facial bones!!!

Gaaad, I hope he doesn't grow up to be another O.J. and other such athletic types who run crazy with --

-- well, you know --

Being far away from home.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Delilah, today

When I came home from running a few necessary errands today, at first - I couldn't locate Miss Delilah -- and I know I left her in the apartment!  (Besides ... she truly is a creature of the night: she doesn't like to go out during the day -- ergo, she wouldn't have snuck around my legs as I exited.) ....

And then, I found her ...

She was resting in the living room closet --

Nesting on a stack of unopened mail I tucked in there ....

I figured that - while I was out - some type of outdoor noise must have been cresting to a scary-for-a-scaredy cat! level, and she realized the closet door was ajar, so ... Besting I go in here until Mom gets home!  As long as I don't pee or poop, Mom doesn't mind at all where we cats go guesting (defined as a non-typical place for Mom, but mebbe not so much for someone who meows!)!  

In fact, Mom thinks of it as cat-jesting  ;)  Actually, we cats feel it adds some zesting to our Mom's day!!!