Monday, December 19, 2016

Hey ... where's her Three Things?! ;)

These big companies like to give you the big come-on, but there's always a catch - take Amazon, for example.  "Try Prime free for a month!" - sure, sure - but you need plastic to hold that free month!  Well ... I received a gift card for filling out a survey and so NOW I'm buried in the tv shows I started watching and have missed the last two, three seasons of :)  I'll cancel it in just a few weeks, because I can't afford Prime ... but, for now, I'm watching Bluebloods and The Americans!  (another come-on: one show I can only watch if I'm subscribed to Showtime - boo, hiss!!!)  So I am very, very grateful, and tv watch binging, and haven't even been on Facebook for a couple of days, which is unheard of for me ;)  

Ok, so WHAT ELSE am I grateful for?!! 

1.  A library of magazines, catalogs, and books - and considering I often read while I watch ...

2.  Good things to eat for kitty-cats and person!

3.  The God-given gift of my writing ... fan-fiction, they call it; I call it "fixing what the writers did wrong"  ;)

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