Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why would I share this ...???

Hundreds Honor Life of Teen Missionary Taellor Stearns -

This was an amazing kid! who died in a totally random and freak occurrance:  the hammock she was in, was tied to a rotted tree - which snapped:  the fall killed her (I'm thinking '1000 Ways to Die' ...)

Her life ALONE is incredible! but what prompted me to share this was a story in the Trenton, NJ Times, about gunfight breaking out at a funeral for a teenager killed by - gunfire!  I'm reading that incredible story, and <nudge, wink, wink> gotta love the Trenton Times! they're talking about how all the kids turned out in his favorite COLORS .. .I get it - gunfire, COLORS - oh he's a dammed banger!

Much, much more uplifting and inspiring is Taellor Stearns, and where her heart was - altho, if you follow her example - mebbe stay outta the hammock  ;-

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