Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gratitude f@ 6 a.m. Tues June 24th

I know enough to have gratitude.

My eyes can see ... and my ears can hear!  And my mind works (sort of ...) ;)

Two black cats that love me <3

A seemingly endless amount of videos is available to me online :)

I have this blog!

I finally figured out what that unsteady gait business is all about ... I always feel better when I can name something! ... And I don't have AIDS; and I don't have cancer; so for what I do have, when I look at it from that perspective, yes, I am grateful!!!

I have food (for both myself and for the above-mentioned cats!).

I can take a shower because I have running water and its part of my apartment, that I don't have to share with anyone! .... And yes I need to be grateful for this apartment, too, with all its maint. issues! .... And I do have a bed to sleep in (see above-mentioned cats ....)  !  ....And AIR CONDITIONING!!!  ... & plenty of things to read :)

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