Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gratitude mid-morning, Weds, June 25th because

Yesterday (late yesterday) I recv'd news that a friend has suffered a terrible family tragedy ... and I wept (and have prayed, and ask y'all reading this, to please pray for Lori's family, as well + ) ... that, in combination with watching a Youtuber I especially like, who talked about being very grateful for everyday things that our Creator has given us, reminded me that there are many things to be thankful to the God of my understanding for!!!  At that moment, I mentally enumerated my two beloved animals, especially, in addition to some other items ... and I also figured I should list more in my blog, so, here goes --

Juice bottles that I can actually open without a struggle

Money in my hand to go to the store with...and the physical ability to walk into that store, in addition to living in a country where I don't need some male relative, which I do not have, to be able to walk into said store!

Books to read

The perfect way that Delilah lay on top of me last night, so that Mommy could still breathe ;)


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