Saturday, May 24, 2014

#1 from Regina Brett .... and my take on it

A friend sent me the 45 life lessons of 90 year old Regina Brett, of Cleveland ... some of these do match (like the first and the last), but they're still good ones!  .... I held on to this, on top of my desk, in anticipation of my computer being back online, so that I could share them one at a time and then my thoughts on it ... so - without further ado! -

1.  Life isn't fair, but its still good!

You would look askance at me if I told you the following fact:  my GMC Envoy parked in front of my apartment is vehicle #9 for me, but - its only the third vehicle I ever purchased on my own.....

My Dad, a long time ago, figured something out about me:  I couldn't handle very complicated things in life - like things to do w/ cars!  Sure, I knew about gas and a rough idea of maint. ... but the bigger stuff (including purchasing vehicles) he took car of :  my 76 Dodge Aspen, my Olds Omega with the 8 horses under the engine & in two-tone green, my Cutlass Supreme, my Blazer, and my swindled-out-of-me Grand Caravan, were either Dad purchases or passalongs.

My Buick Park Ave. was a passalong from a then-dear friend who subscribed to Dad's beliefs.

As did I ... and ... I saw them reinforced .... the first vehicle I bought on my own, was from a friend - it was a nice vehicle, yeahhh, but it was too much vehicle for me ... the second purchase was essentially a Hail Mary on my part and a whole other story - let's just say - it wasn't a good experience! ....

So by the time I got to my third purchase - honestly -- I was scared.

I was scared because life wasn't fair :  not only was my beloved father deceased -- his belief in life that I would fall in love with someone, who would then also be a 'dad continued' in my life - never happened.  Despite relationships with all types of people - two marriages, and another engagement besides - it never happened.

And now I was buying a vehicle on my own -- this time, from a dealership.

In the middle of this transaction, a friend called me to tell me that what I was buying was so poorly rated by Consumer Reports -- well, I was making another bomb .... and I lost it.  I started to scream and curse at him -- I basically told him if he couldn't be in my life, standing by my side to help me with this -- then -- screw you!  leave me alone!

Yeahhh, I was even MORE SCARED, if that was possible ;-  

Life isn't fair -- BUT ITS STILL GOOD :)  No matter what C.D. wrote, and no matter how off-putting my prior two experiences were ---

My GMC  Envoy has not done any of the things C.D. warned me about.  In fact, when the battery died - I went out one morning & it gave me that telltale noise - the guy from Triple A told me it was the original factory-installed battery - which had been done in 2004, which I bought the truck used, which now it was 7-8 years later!!!  The guy was astonished!!!   It has transported me from Kentucky, to Virginia, to NJ, and back again, with nary a hitch.  It has hauled everything from groceries to things I was moving that I didn't dare entrust to a moving van to doggys to innumerable cups of coffee that I love to sit in there to drink while I enjoy respites & peoplewatch.  It has even forged a friendship w/ the only other person who owns the same year, the same color, the same make & model, in this small town!  


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