Monday, January 2, 2017

TV show review: "Real Rescues"

The first link in the chain of getting help in an emergency is calling for help - here in the States its 911; in the UK, 999 ... and from the command center, that's where this impressive British tv show begins.  They interview operators, as well as go into more in-depth stories, complete with footage from the event, as well as conversations with rescue personnel and the persons involved in requiring assistance.

Before I watched this show, I was well-aware that England has an extensive CCTV system ... however, I wasn't aware how operators monitoring trouble spots and even ordinary boulevards, have been able to pinpoint trouble (abandoned animals & children, for just one example) and alert the police.  In addition, there are emergency volunteer doctors, and part of there job is to assess the elderly in there homes, to see if they can't be treated on-site, rather than putting the person needing help through the further trauma of going to the hospital.  I certainly believe that the US can take several lessons from there system!

An excellent show, fast-paced and quite informative!!!

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