Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gratitude & Non-Gratitude, Weds, Jan 25th

I am so, so grateful for all the women who went out on 1.21 and walked!  I am so, so grateful there was a #DisablityMarch for those of us who could not physically do so.  I am grateful for the groundswell of change its bringing about ....

... What I'm not so grateful for are the people who trash-talk, print fake news, think it's one issue only! I am grateful for the one or two friends who asked me a direct question!  From an article forwarded by my friend Jacy :

Women are marching because our family and friends deserve healthcare. Did you know that before the ACA, newborns in the NICU would hit their lifetime caps on health insurance coverage. That's right, Babies who had never felt the sun on their skin could no longer get health insurance.
Women are marching because domestic violence crisis centers and after school programs deserve funding.
Women are marching because we deserve clean air, clean water, and national parks.
Women are marching because we believe the children protected by the DREAM act deserve to be here and they deserve to live with their parents, not in orphanages and foster homes.
And most of all, women are marching because we have the right to. The right to protest and speak out against our government is the first amendment. That's right, #1! It is one of our most fundamental American rights.

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