Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gratitude & Musings, Jan 6th and Jan 7th, 2017

On Jan 7th, my parents were married ... 72 years ago today.  Happy Anniversary in Heaven, Mom and Dad!!!  I love looking at their wartime wedding pictures, and sometimes in the past I've set-up a little display, but this year - its in my mind's heart.
I'm grateful that the snow was soft, it stopped!, and the roads weren't too Gad-awful, either!

I'm so sorry my good heater quit, sorry that Wal-Mart wouldn't have the one I really wanted until Weds (when the cold snap is back to normal), but very grateful that $tore that one (and cat things too of course :)!  I'm very, very grateful for cats who easily adapt to my increased fatigue levels, in several fashions ...)

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