Friday, August 15, 2014

The Wedding

Some very fortunate couples go together like peanut butter and jelly ... and that are the Milligans, Coty and Brooke!  They were previously my upstairs neighbors ... 8 months ago, they did elope; but earlier this evening (August 15th), there was the "official", for all our loved ones, wedding in the park <3 ....

Now, the minister said something that made me think - (paraphrasing), he said - y'all got married legally 8 months ago ... and you've had 8 months to live as husband and wife ... are you ready to say I do again now that you know what it's really like???

Happily, they did!

... But it made me think ... and so later on  I walked over and chatted with the minister ... I filled him in on how - the last time I was married, circa 1995 -- at 8 months my answer would have been HELL, NO!!! -- we were on the cusp of our first separation .... so, we talked; and then the minister asked me a question --

Jeannee, having that broken marriage to a minister -- what has it done to your faith???

I got all choked-up, as I realized -- as I admitted right out loud -- that my faith is fine, thank you kindly for asking! -- HOWEVER --

I've been unchurched since.

Oh, I've tried!  I really REALLY have tried!  I've gone to different churches ... for different amounts of time ... one in particular, an overwhelming case of depression-crash caused by improper medication swept me out the door BUT --

-- yeahhh, I probably would have left there soon, too.

I don't trust.  I know the inside -- too well.  I'm uncomfortable. 

I believe, but I don't church.

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