Thursday, August 7, 2014

Depression? Anxiety? Meoooowww ....

So I was just sitting here looking at the list of things I must do and

It got far too overwhelming ... I started having an anxiety-based meltdown oh no not again!  I can't - I can't give in to this (which of course makes it worse ) 

So I said to myself, OK, JEAN ... just rewrite the list!  Its messy-looking - scribbled ... rewrite it cogently ....

Doing so, still having this anxiety wave a bit and 

Big Mama jumped up on the desk and walked right across my page ... and, as I'm laughing, she starts rubbing her face against my pen ;)  ... and now she sniffs at the paper, makes a moue of distaste, and sits her fat rump right on it!

Even just as funny as the distasteful look that only a cat can give! was that she wasn't, she absolutely was. NOT. moving off that paper until she had made face-to-face SURE that I was laughing and smiling and - well, could be trusted with it, you see  ;)   

I'm really starting to think that - instead of medications - doc's should first hand-out free cats and dogs, ya know???

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