Monday, July 31, 2017

Rise of The Superstar Vloggers (Vlogging Documentary) - Real Stories


  1. i only follow one blog, the frey life - you turned me on to them. i think i could get hooked, so i try to stay away...same with podcasts!!

  2. Devils advocate question, dear Debbie - what would be so bad about being hooked on something positive ;)

  3. fair question - and above it should have said "vlog"!!

    i have a lot of responsibilities, and work i must complete every day. i only have a certain amount of time for "play" and i like to knit and craft during those times. i know a lot of my friends can listen to these and knit at the same time but i am not able to (holes in my brain), i can only do one thing at a time. i must choose my favorite things to fill in that time.

    there are so many wonderful, positive vlogs and blogs on the internet, i wish i had more time to spend on them!!!