Sunday, November 2, 2014

Far away from home, Joe Mixon?!!!

By chance I happened upon the Oklahoma State 'Sooner' football player who will avoid jail time because of something that happened, his coach is dancing, shucking, and jiving, saying he was far away from home the first time ever and that's why it happened --


Here's the deal:  you're in a bar ... and sure you're drinking ... and this girl, she's drinking,too.  And sure ok mebbe she got a little mouthy, you got mouthy back - enough for her to slap your face.  However, Mr. Mixon, apparently no one ever taught you, so I'm using my blog to teach you now:  No matter what some fool woman does to you, you do not punch her in the face like a man, breaking four facial bones!!!

Gaaad, I hope he doesn't grow up to be another O.J. and other such athletic types who run crazy with --

-- well, you know --

Being far away from home.

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