Saturday, November 1, 2014

Delilah, today

When I came home from running a few necessary errands today, at first - I couldn't locate Miss Delilah -- and I know I left her in the apartment!  (Besides ... she truly is a creature of the night: she doesn't like to go out during the day -- ergo, she wouldn't have snuck around my legs as I exited.) ....

And then, I found her ...

She was resting in the living room closet --

Nesting on a stack of unopened mail I tucked in there ....

I figured that - while I was out - some type of outdoor noise must have been cresting to a scary-for-a-scaredy cat! level, and she realized the closet door was ajar, so ... Besting I go in here until Mom gets home!  As long as I don't pee or poop, Mom doesn't mind at all where we cats go guesting (defined as a non-typical place for Mom, but mebbe not so much for someone who meows!)!  

In fact, Mom thinks of it as cat-jesting  ;)  Actually, we cats feel it adds some zesting to our Mom's day!!!  

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