Thursday, October 23, 2014

They're Glad They Didn't Call Me! (updated)

My friend here was a little nervous when she recv'd a phone message from the local social-service help agency, to get in touch with them on an important matter ...

... she was greatly relieved when all they wanted to know was --

What would you like for Christmas???

Boy, I'm sure glad they didn't call me!  Because what I would like for Christmas - do you know what I would like ???

A life do-over.

Nah, I don't need any frying pans, thanks .... just, you know, what I asked for!
Since I've written this post earlier today, I've had time to think about this ... and I realize - I could write this as a Twilight Zone episode, couldn't I  :)   ... Sure!  Woman comes in and out of all the choices,  she asks for something they don't have ... and ... the dedicated director decides to see if she can't just make that happen for her  :)

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