Sunday, October 19, 2014

I don't get girls ... and I'm 51

My neighbor's son just came down to tell me some news that possibly I took harder than he did:  his girlfriend just broke up with him.

The reason???  Well, you see, he was good to her - he took her out to eat on paydays, bought her this and that - and she doesn't feel she's worth all of that, even tho 1/2 of there relationship consisted of going to the church where her daddy is the preacher.

And she wonders why her two teenage boys are so rotten ...

Be that as it may ... 

At this stage of my life, I wouldn't mind at all someone taking me out on paydays, and buying me cigarettes and maybe even cat food, if I needed it ... because as cruddy as I feel most days -- I know I can be a decent companion who would appreciate and value what I'm given and - even more so - I don't buy the garbage that someone has to be rotten to be in my life!!!

Now, whose taking me out for dinner on payday???  Ray's Diner, is plenty fine w/ me!

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