Thursday, July 10, 2014

I realized I was a city person ... and yet --

My good friend///neighbor around here recently relocated to a senior's///disabled persons, housing development ... while I was very happy for her (less rent! very close to her daughter!), I also recognized that it is even further out in the country than where I'm living right now, and, well, sir ... back in 1995, when I moved to Maine, I had a startling realization that I really am a city girl after all!!!  Go figure!

So, last evening, said friend stopped over and took several of us out to see her new place ... the very first I realized was how updated and everything was repaired and in good working order, it was!  That's because they have real maint. staff that is on duty 24 hours a day -- unlike here!

She casually pointed out the laundry room that is on-site -- ok, I'm still not looking at a w/d hook-up ... but neither am I looking at hauling stuff downtown and being stuck there!

The rent is actually based on your income - something I found out several years back is not often done nowadays!

They allow pets.

Its ground level .... with close-to-the-door parking (just like I have here, yes -- two things that have become 'must's' for me)...

There are safety features in place, like a grab bar next to the johnny so a person wouldn't have to hoist themselves up by putting a palm on the edge of the vanity like they do now ...

There are more closets than I presently have (altho, admittedly, I still have more space in the bedroom closets where I'm presently at) ...

Jeannee, are you thinking about it?! seemed to be the question of the evening!

I think the very first thing I would need to do is to take a day and drive past this town - which I've never done - and see if the next two towns have enough services and stores for me, that I wouldn't have to haul myself to Harrisonburg all the time - which would REALLY be out of the way living THERE!!!  

And as I'm doing this, I need to ruminate on the cats (and take care of them, too)  - a whole other topic post there; suffice it to say, I'd have to consider them cats....

I don't know, now -- I'm surely! a city girl --

-- who may move out into the woods!!!

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