Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here's one reason to watch a "high school" show ---

Very exciting stuff I watched earlier this evening!  It was the 100th episode of "Pretty Little Liars", which I have followed since my previous address, actually, and even read some of the books by Sara -- wait, stop --

Jean ... ummm do you realize YOU JUST TURNED 51?!!

I can tell you all about 'fashion tv' and my love of mysteries ... but there is another, stronger reason why I'm enthralled -- for example, let's talk about the 100th episode:

The backstory is this - and has been for 4 seasons:  Alison was murdered, found in a shallow grave ... she was the Queen Bee///Mean Girl type of her high school, so yeahhh there were plenty of suspects! -- but - wait!  We very recently realized that she has actually been ALIVE! all this time, hiding out from the killer!!! --

Her 2 years in hiding has really made her reflective on all the nasty things she did ... and contrite.  And wanting to change.  And so in the 100th episode, she walks back into the high school, on a mission to begin to make amends --

Only there are an awful lot of people who refuse to see her change (other than from presumed dead - buried!, in a massive funeral - to alive) ....

Now this is where this show is so excellent (in my humble opinion!) :  How very often has there been change -- but people refused to believe in it, or didn't like "the new you revue", and tried to sabotage it?!  --

I'm sober now:  yes, I was an alcoholic when we hung out together.

I'm seeing a man ... I'm ummm in a serious relationship with a woman.

You know, I actually like .... my relative who has a developmental disability ... that style of decorating .... that congregation -- yes!  I know all about THIS, THAT, AND THE OTHER THING, dammit it to hell! .... 

Feel free to add where you've bunked into this, in the comments below :

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