Friday, July 11, 2014

I feel about 98 years old, actually ....

A while back now (within the last several weeks ...), I've realized that my chronic Lyme's disease has gone into active status again ... one of the things I would dearly love to figure out is what exactly sets it off ?! and if anyone knows this, please tell me!!!

Over the past few days it has been especially rough, to where at first I thought "geez, Jean, maybe you should even -gasp! - think about calling the doc?!" -- but then this morning I realized "oh it's just S-Lyme's!"  .... to give you an idea, let me tell you about my supermarket trip last evening:

-- which happened last evening, btw, because I was just feeling too poorly all day ... but ... by the time there was the passage of time, taking it very easy, AND a wonderful nap with kitty-cats strewn about my person <3, I felt up to the task!

-- and I got about halfway through my shopping trip and it became a shopping experience:  an experience in order to be able to finish it, that is!  I was so tired, that walking to checkout line one, where my favorite cashier was stationed, seeming like hiking up Massanutten mountain ... in high heels ... with one arm tied behind my back and green-headed flies nipping at my skin ... after I hadn't had enough sleep, or physical training, or coffee!, to do said hike - yeahhh ....

So, here's the thing:  please excuse my appearance, and my dirty clothes, because I'm too sick to consider the laundromat or even shopping for replacements right now!!!

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