Sunday, April 10, 2016

What A Day With MS, feels like...

A Short in the Cord: Can You Imagine?: I wrote this in 2004 to help people understand what it's like to have Multiple Sclerosis. I think it's time for a reprint. Have yo...


  1. hi jeannee, what a great article, so well written! describing MS is difficult, living with it, even more difficult. i have been living with the symptoms of MS my entire adult life but did not get an official diagnosis until 2003. knowing and being able to treat it and treat the symptoms brings some relief!

    have you been diagnosed?? i know you have been suffering with symptoms but i can't remember if you received an official diagnosis??

  2. No DX yet -actually, the neuro has dismissed me ;- My hope lies with my primary care, whom I see on May 26th ... other than that - I could travel an hour to U Va Hospital, but that's just not going to be feasible! ... Glad to read this hit the nail on the head for U 2!

  3. don't give up jeannee, living does not = suffering. i often thought my symptoms were not symptoms at all, just part of living...i thought it was the way everyone felt. i never told people, never said a word and the symptoms would go away = remission. when they can back, i dealt with it. it was when the symptoms never went away that i really sought help. my mri was not good, i have lessons everywhere, brain and spine and many where enhancing at the time. my symptoms were screaming MS so they didn't do a spinal tap, the neuro said it wasn't necessary. being dx helps a lot, especially with medications. i was a medication virgin but not anymore, the meds really help and in fact, i feel they have saved my life. 6 months in a wheelchair and i walked again when everyone said i would never walk again. i took tysabri for 6 years and that kicked MS in the butt. that's what really changed everything for me. keep fighting jeannee, keep making people listen!!!