Saturday, January 3, 2015

You'll never, ever guess what I found online ... a true story!

Real estate agents have this thing about not wanting to photograph a house for sale until it's been prepped.  Sometimes, when a house is half lived in, half being packed up AKA a tornado hit the inside?! ... they will go ahead and take pictures anyway.

28 of them, as a matter of fact.  That you can make BIGGER.

Just for shits and grins, as they say, I entered my old address into the Google search engine:  3121 Prichard Drive, Lexington, KY.  The very first thing that came up was a Zillow site that contains every single last photograph from approx. 3.5 years ago, when I finally was forced to sell (the second house I was forced to sell in less than a half dozen years, and isn't THAT something for a psychiatrist's couch?!).

It evoked so many memories for me - of living there, of things I own and where they're presently at - as well as a "good God almighty?!  when did this happen?!!  the place I swear to God! on a day to day basis, didn't look LIKE THAT!  I swear, I swear!"

Go on, I know you want to ... and ask me anything you want to - like - that horrible orange-red in the bathroom?  > inherited from the previous owners!


  1. was the house sold??? is not being cared for????

    I think it would be impossible, under those circumstances, to go back. my husbands brother has been in his home for 10 years without making any mortgage, insurance or tax payments. I don't know how he has done it....paying lawyers to file law suit after law suit, making a spaghetti mess of everything and it just keeps going on. he also files bankruptcy, a lot. if you use all the different chapters, it can be done much more frequently then peeps realize. we have helped him soooooo many times. but no more.

    seaside today, don't miss it!!!!!!

    1. Seaside - can't wait :)

      It was sold - actually, at least once ... which was why I was quite surprised to find pictures from when I was living in there 3.5 years ago! ...Such a deal w/ your BIL! It must be something specific to NJ law, I'm thinking, as I know of another lady doing the exact same thing in the Hamilton area.