Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rough day; trying to find gratitude ....

When I was out and about on this Tuesday, someone wished me "Happy New Year!" and I had to be honest with her:  I don't think so, honey, but thanks anyway ;-  

It's been a really rough day (physically, emotionally, and financially) and what I really REALLY need to do is to find some gratitude!!!  Things like this I usually do orally to God or written in my current journal ... but just before the day of NYE here, I thought I would blog them, so - here goes:

My eyes can see.  I have eyeglasses, w/ prescription lenses, & have even saved webpages w/ eyeglass frames I would like to have in the future (aye-aye!  ;)  )

I have two beautiful kitty-cats that love me.

I have food in the house (boy, do I ever!).  I even have peppermint candy in more than one type, for my postnasal drip tickles!  And I have coffee that's not stale and for right now, I'm still drinking the liquid creamer, and not the grit.

My electric is on (apparently ...!)

I can access quite alot of tv on my computer (even if it's not always the exact programs I want to see! -- seeing programs: refer back to previous entry ;)  )  I do have a computer - that works!

I have pillows, a bed, blankets, and it's all indoors (hey, at least for right now ;- )  Ditto with all the standard items in my own bathroom.

I've learned to keep some of the cold drafts out of the front door w/ no weatherstripping with my bathrobe and a towel ... also, I have a blanket at my feet, Dorothy-socks, and a lapwarmer that purrs!

I can drive, and I do have a vehicle.

My legs may hurt like hell & are stiff but hey! I can still walk around!!!

I do have friends that can be accurately put in the category of godsends!  And thank you God no one gave me anything weird for Christmas like novelty candy reindeer poop!!!

There is no snow emergency or hurricane going on here ... altho it is down to the teens - brrr!

There is no wine, no beer, no hard liquor, nothing of that kind, in my apartment ... thank you God that I don't have to live around that, either, because on days like today ---

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