Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Early NYE dream ....

I so often write stories about going back in time and having a do-over, that I wasn't too surprised when I had a dream of such (laying down post-dinner zzz) ... what was unusual, however, was the location I found myself living in --

I wasn't 'just' living back in my parents house w/ my parents --

I was living out of the closet my father built in the basement, the one with two doors whose overlights came on when you opened the doors ... the closet that ended underneath the stairs.

I've pondered the meaning in this dream - yeahhh, yeahhh, closets and stairs are obvious metaphors ... but I was pretty sure it was something other than that -- and then, it dawned on me --

I am feeling so lost///unmoored, financially frightened, in my current life, that I not only want to go back in time - not make the same mistakes! to also be under my parents roof & protection -- I want to hide out there, away from everything -- but in a spot where I feel comfortable & where I know the really good guys, can find me (especially Dad - that was his auto tools closet, partially).

Here's praying for a far better 2015, where I no longer have such deeply-dreamt desires + + + 

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  1. I will pray for you Jeannee, in the way that I pray.....different then most people but kindly just the same!! I hope you can find peace and some joy in 2015. You sure do deserve it!! Keep reading my blog as I often share images that provoke happy memories for you of places when you felt safe and happy!!