Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My biopsy today

Back when I was taking care of my Dad, one of the doc's I had to take him to was a dermtalogist, to have potential skin cancers removed ... according to Dr. Lee (a top-rated derm), the Coppertone my mother religiously slathered on all three of us, making us look like white ghosts on the beaches of Manasquan, was no better than skin lotion - it didn't measure-up with any real sun protection - so another consumer lie told to us, yeahhh ...

I've had a change in a freckle on my arm, and - to be honest - the last time I saw my doc (which was recently) - I didn't say anything ... but as it's on my forearm, I'm always noticing how it went from looking like a chocolate M and M, to an asymmetrical, itchy, light tan - whatever it is.  And so I reminded myself about what Dr Lee said, and how Dad's skin cancers were frozen off with liquid nitrogen but all evaluated to be nothing too serious, and so I called my doc and made an appt... didn't help when I told the scheduler the reason for the appt, and she trilled, "OH!  We'll get you in RIGHT AWAY!!!"


Actually I wasn't even too worried about it until she started the procedure - and had to keep going out for bigger biopsy punches ... this sucker was 8 mm, and it required three stitches to close my arm.  As she gave me cautions about not holding it underwater (making me wonder how I'm going to do dishes, for one thing) and how to very carefully take out my own stitches 7-10 days from now (no dissolving ones?!), I was sitting there being as smiley and humorous as she's always known me to be... but starting to get very scared! on the inside ....

Test results Friday OR Monday.

I didn't see this one comin' - sure, I'm disabled, and I have some ideas on where that could all go - but this -nah, I didn't see this one.  

Prayers + good thoughts, appreciated!!!

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