Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Three Things

I've been experiencing problems with Blogger - i.e. videos no longer post (or go missing!), as well as other content I try to export ... so ... that puts me back to posting original content!  I was reading a devotional that said to name three specific things from your day's events for which u r grateful!  Since Delilah and Big Mama are so usual for me to always list, let me find three other things from today, Weds, November 16th :

1.  When I did get really, REALLY sick today - I was home.  It didn't happen while I was out and about - thank GOD!

2.  As much as I'm disappointed I can't share content, I am grateful that I do have the computer and the electric! to watch content ... while so many things I can't see because of my ongoing problems with trying to figure out Adobe flash plug in updates (my eyeballs are already almost bleeding, talking about it ... ), there is still a lot!!! I can watch on YouTube :)  

3.  Because of an offer on one of those videos, I may just be able to get 20 custom-made cards - free!  IF that works out, I'll be very, very grateful :) because I want them to have my current picture and especially be able to send them to people I love who don't have computer access.

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