Thursday, August 4, 2016


Let me preface this by saying that I've researched dreams since I was 15 - nothing quite as profound as a John Paul Jackson or Perry Stone, but 'enough to be dangerous' ;) ... so this one truly disturbed me, yes it did!  One friend with sensitive leanings said it could be within my family and not directly related to me ... but considering how small that family is ;-  I absolutely could not get myself back to sleep for over 12 hours after I had this dream, because I certainly have had dreams that continue ... and I didn't want to hear anymore ;-  So, without further ado --
I was sitting here @ my desk on my computer as always ... and there was a knock at my door.  Opened the door and --

There was my beloved Dad!  (Yes, he was wearing the clothes I buried him in.)  He looked the same as always except he had a black eye - which he attributed to changing my license plate ... he came inside, and I was very excited and happy to see him, and we were hugging, laughing, and talking, and he met my two cats, and even Delilah who is man-phobic took to him right away (I'd seen that happen in real life with a doggy like that) and then -- all of a sudden I stopped and said, "You're dead.  Oh my God, have you come back to take me?!"

He sighed and smiled at the same time, and replied, "Well yeahhh ....I asked them to send me back a few days ahead, because - I know you, doll!  You need to clean that desk off there and just leave the papers that those who find your body will need; what to do with your cats...."  He was exasperated with me when I said I hadn't filled ANY of them out - I quickly replied that if I wrote a letter, stating my wishes - even not notarized or anything - if I left it on top of my desk, and then - something happened to me ... - it would be considered a 'dying declaration', wouldn't it?! and I could put in there what to do with my cats and all the stuff that I have, et al.  "Alright, doll ... I'll give you a few days to do that ... and then I'll be back - alright, honey???"
What happened at that point was a dear friend woke me with the phone - and I was ever so grateful!!! ...  

Was Dad poking me in the eye, so to speak, telling me to get stuff together that I should've?  Or....???!?????

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