Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What a Glass Giraffe Taught Me

Back in the last century, I had a glass giraffe: I collect them, and this one was unique!

And then, she fell, and a couple of little glass legs broke-off ;(

I wasn't ready to let go of her!  She was still beautiful - and now she was disabled, just like myself! ... But - how could she stand up?!

I carefully lay her down (possibly in a drawer) until I could figure something out ...

We traveled - possibly NJ, maybe even OBX - and - being the ocean person I am! - I brought home alot of sand.  Deliberately.  Brought home a good-sized bucket ... which I poured into a fancy bowl and - I buried the glass giraffe upright in it!  No one knew she didn't have all her legs - she was standing proudly on a mountain of beach sand, surrounded by seashells!

I thought of my glass giraffe just a few moments ago when my arm sagged, caught the Virgin Mary in the kitchen who looks with serenity and prayerful hands out on my apartment and towards the front door, and - crash!  She lost her bottom foundation (and slammed my ankle, too, may I add).  She was a Christmas gift and she is a valued part of my home!  But, now ...???

I rushed into my bedroom, one of the places where I have a fancy bowl of seashells - in fact, the same fancy bowl that once held a certain glass giraffe!  I brought that into the kitchen ... dug out a section ... 'planted' the BVM (she leans-up against the wall slightly), and surrounded her with shells - even placed a red Rosary in her already-statued-Rosary hands, that I found buried in the seashells :)

My Protestant friends look askance when they come in here ... but the Lady has been with me (not this actual representation, but the Mother of God herself) since early childhood ... and - at times when the dirt and the casualness of the Catholic institutionalized church disheartens me - I go to God ... and the Lady.

Many crosses and holy pictures in my apartment - oh yes!

And one BVM, standing in a fancy bowl with seashells, where a glass giraffe last lived out her days.

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  1. a great lesson here of not letting go and knowing there is always a way. life is not always easy, but it is always worth it!!! xo

    be sure and stop by on thursday, you will enjoy the pictures of point pleasant!!!