Thursday, May 26, 2016

Its not the evil tidings I'm afraid of - its the healthcare system!

Jeannee shall not be afraid of evil tidings, because her heart is fixed, and she trusts in God ~ Psalm 112:7

"These are the same symptoms you presented with in Jan.," my primary care - about as frustrated as I am - said earlier this afternoon when I handed her a list of my symptoms ... and filled her in on the neuro who said one thing in his office (you probably won't present with lesions, so we'll go by symptoms) and then another thing through his nurse (essentially, you have SEVERE fibromyalgia, and I really am needed for the serious MS patients - you need to see a rheum.) ....

This is the only brand of healthcare within an hour (they've swallowed everything) and I have complete confidence in my primary care (Donna) even tho she works in the system --

-- and that's where she got jammed up, too ... Ok, Jean, we'll do THIS:  We'll do a blood draw to rule out lupus, et al ... we'll refer you to rheum ... and then after you see the rheum, call for an appt and come back to see me.

I've had fibromyalgia since 1988 - dx 1990 - and these are completely new symptoms that have been getting progressively worse over the past several years - and she knows this, too, of course...

And so ... here we are.   

Mebbe Donna and I should sing "Stuck in the Middle With You"?!!


  1. that's the song for you jeannee!!! don't give up hope...getting am MS diagnosis is not easy, i don't know why. i was "lucky"??? with 25 lesions, i was diagnosed right away, but there were years of suffering in silence that proceed that. i feel so much better on medication, there is so much help available these days, as i said, don't give up!!!

    1. Bless you, my dear friend, for being with me during this time!!! I'm saddened to read you had 25 lesions! (((DEBBIE))) ... and I'm very grateful you are here with me, at such a time as this!