Thursday, February 5, 2015

The temp job at the "record company"

No, no Hollywood story here!  This was a music distribution warehouse that was in a gritty industrial hub of central Jersey ... now, there are at least two very good stories I can tell about my temp assignment there, doing data entry - here's one:

Temp secretary - I go in wearing my wool plaid skirt and sweater, and --

I look like I fell off the bus from Iowa, actually, instead of being a Jersey girl ;)  because even the women in there 50s dress like an MTV video ;) .... My immediate supervisor, who is male, takes one look at me and - besides instructing me in what exactly I have to type into the computer - gives me one, Don't Break THIS!, rule:  On Friday, when my time card has to be signed, never EVER go to his office ... he will come to my desk.

Sure, pal, whatever you say ....

This is a fairly long assignment ... and ... for almost a month of Friday's, he appears at my desk, smiles, thanks me for my work, and signs my timecard.  And then --

There is this particular Friday he doesn't show.  Oh, he's there in the company ... but he doesn't show.  And I'm getting antsy, for two reasons:  IT'S FRIDAY! and - the temp agency is only open so late, and I doubt he wants to pay overtime, so - LET'S GO!

So I start to ask around ... and I'm pointed into this long, rectangular room, which is somewhat storage (i.e. that's how I learned who The Nine Inch Nails were) and somewhat cubicles - "he's at the very end, hon" ....

I walk back there - and I can see him, sitting in his chair, yakking on the phone - and into his office, and --

Wall to wall nudie photos, and not all from magazines, either - some were obviously personal shots, a few of the up and coming (pun intended!) female stars, which they had ever so graciously signed to him!!!

"Excuse me" I started to say

He dropped the phone, and went bright red, and choked and stammered, and


He was always there EARLY on Friday, after that ;)

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